Jarrow Formulas BroccoMax - 60 Veggie Capsules - 20x More Concentrated Than Broccoli - Supports Healthy Cell Replication & Liver Health - 30 Servings

The supplement's main ingredient is broccoli seed extract and it provides 30 mg of sulforaphane glucosinolate per serving. The product supports healthy cell replication and liver health. It comes in 60 and 120 veggie capsules at 30 mg. BroccoMax may be unavailable and sold out at some places. Customers are reporting other health benefits.


Sulforaphane Glucosinolate in a proprietary blend containing myrosinase enzyme, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water, and calcium ascorbate.


Take 1 capsule daily with food.

What are Real Customers Saying?

Robert shares: "No pre-existing health issues, but I have noticed that I breathe easier when I run and my skin seems healthier."

Eddie shares: "Really powerful stuff. Autistic sibling has less symptoms when using 3 of these per day. Will buy again."

Kae Lee shares: "Absolutely love this product. Helps regulate my bowel movements in the morning. It works so good and my days are filled with energy and consistency. In a few weeks, I had lost like 5lbs and that's a lot for me to lose in a couple of weeks. I really feel that I have fixed my metabolism with these simple pills. I also became more energetic with the pills and alleviated my tiredness, which in turn has led me to go back to working out a little more consistently."

Brian shares: "I bought this to see if it would help with my type 2 diabetes. Lowered my blood glucose."

Chris shares: "I started taking this after reading about its detoxifying properties. Feel great overall, less joint pain, more energetic."

Rebecca shares: "I truly felt a difference while taking these. Better mood, better metabolism, clearer complexion, and clarity. This will always be part of my daily vitamins."

Samuel shares: "This helps regulate the enzymes in my liver and lose weight. Plus a boost in energy."

Lawrence shares: "I have been using this with great success battling stage lV cancer over the past two years."

Alex shares: "I don't write reviews often, but felt obligated after reading a lot of faulty misguided and uneducated one star reviews. One review states it only has 30 mcg compared to Mercolas 350 mcg. Actually this contains 30 mg which is 30,000 mcg which is exponentially more potent than Mercolas. Another review states it's only glucosinolate and not sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is not stable and doesn't actually exist naturally in appreciable quantities in nature. Broccoli contains Glucosinolate and myrosinase, and when eaten/chewed, the two mix in the gut and myrosinase converts glucosinolate into sulforaphane. This product contains both enzymes. So taking this product is mimicking what happens in nature. Glucosinolate content is what you need to look at as long as some myrosinase is present. This has large quantities (30 mg)and is higher than any other supplement I've seen on the market. Many other supplements lack myrosinase so that's something you'll want to pay attention to since glucosinolate won't convert to sulforapane without it."

J. Calhoun shares: "I have type 2 diabetes, use various prescribed drugs including insulin, follow an extremely strict ultra low carb diet, all as prescribed by my two doctors, yet have struggled for years to keep blood sugar low; it has always jumped around. I have never met anyone else with as severe a problem while being so strict. I have tried nearly every available pill, food and trick that has claimed to help, but none of those have made a significant difference, including chromium, 'miracle cures,' etc. I continually monitor studies which show an effect on blood sugar, which is how I discovered this product. You can buy the same extract the researchers used, but BroccoMax is a lot less expensive. The best supplements until now have been 5 g of Ceylon cinnamon and 1 g of portulaca daily divided into two doses, which combined often lower it by 5%. I have been using BroccoMax for about 45 days, and it immediately made a very noticeable difference, consistently lowering it another 20%. This means I have had to really cut back on my insulin to keep from getting 'lows.' I am still in the process of reducing my insulin even more.

Originally it was planned that I take 4 500 mg Metformin XL pills daily, but anything over 2 pills produced constant diarrhea. The BroccoMax seems to have made up for the two pills I cannot take, and it has not produced any ill effects. While the blood sugar has dropped well below 100, so far I have not had any 'hypros,' although I have been extremely careful. Because I am so big, I am taking almost double the amount stated on the bottle, divided into 3 doses, taken on an empty stomach and hour before meals. Cutting my insulin means that I will lose weight. I have even been able to eat 5 fresh cherries without raising my blood sugar level. I have not been able to tolerate any non-fiber carbs before.

Your experience may well be different, just be extremely diligent in monitoring your blood sugar while using this. I am not suggesting that this is a cure; continue to work with your doctor. In effect, it gets the message to your liver that there is plenty of sugar in the bloodstream. So it does not need to keep making more."


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